About Myella Believe & Achieve

At 16 I was told by a teacher due to your vision impairment you should spread your year 12 over 2 years. Well I would have none of that. Some people may call it stubborn but to me it’s perseverance.
Being born vision impaired has given me a different perspective in life and so my moto is "there is no such thing as I can’t, anything is possible as long as I give it a go."
I now put that same perseverance to work in Myella believe and achieve.
I am always striving to bring 100% to the work that I do and my goal is focussed on putting my passions and skills to good use by supporting organisations and projects that I really care about to create and promote cultural and disability awareness.
The importance of inclusion, understanding, acceptance that not everyone is the same and that we are all contributing members of society in our varied capacities.
I am well versed in negotiating planning and development, relationship management, operations and logistics coordinations and scheduling.
I love meeting new people and learning new things so share a story and if you have a project I can help with drop me an email: myellagroup@gmail.com