Empowering Children with financial literacy

Empowering Children with financial literacy

Today Facebook showed me a video memory from Jan 2016 of my youngest child on roller skates at the local skatepark. I was so humbled and proud to see how they had saved and bought their first roller skates. You see El was 9 yrs old at the time and I had said if you can raise half, I will match it. And El did odd jobs and even folded clothes for their aunty on Saturdays.

I then started teaching El and my oldest about financial literacy and they had to manage their pocket money. I have taken what I taught my kids and put them in this practical guide Budgeting 101-Empowering children to become financially independent. For other parents who want to teach their children financial independence which was published in 2020.

Children learn by examples.

You are your children's first teachers. Build their knowledge and help them to become confident and resilient adults who appreciate what they have and work towards what they need.

At 12, one of my kids learned a hard lesson on overspending after they got their first bank card. 😅

Fast forward to 2022..

And yes, they are older now and even though they complained about how hard math is and don't like certain categories such as algebra, trigonometry and Pythagoras theorem and even quit math as a subject.

I know that they are going to be just fine. It warms my heart to see the lessons my parents taught me and that I passed on to my children have not been in vain. As they tackle their after school jobs they discuss budgets, have set daily spending limits and saving goals for Uni and other projects.

I hope you and your family find this book beneficial. Drop me an email and let me know what strategies you use with your children.

"Teach someone to fish and feed him for a lifetime" - Proverb

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