About Myella Group

Myella Group consists of 'Myella Believe and Achieve' and 'Myella Clothing'. In 2016 Myella Clothing came about after watching my then nine year old drawing and realizing her talent and my then 12 year old adding catch phrases and funny quotes to them. The discussion ended up with “Why don’t we print it?“ “Oh! And put it on a T-shirt." That is how Myella Clothing was born.

Being a community-based business, Myella Believe and Achieve focusses on empowering individuals and raising awareness of inclusion, diversity and disability. We do this by building knowledge and resilience through positivity, motivations, and growth-mindset. Myella aims to inspire people of all ages to have faith and believe in their abilities.

God, Jesus empowers me and gives me strength to face my trials and tribulations growing up. In the same manner, I wanted to share with my children and others, that with faith in God and in yourself, you can be the Co-creator of your destiny. So what better way than to wear it as a reminder that anything is possible.

We hope that Myella Group would inspire other young people and those young at heart to take control of their lives, encourage all to follow their passions and reach for the stars. At the end of the day, we are all co-creators, and along with the higher power control our destiny. 

This year 2023, our passion for designing has inspired us to build the new brand Myella Designs, a boutique service for your business or personal design needs.

#Dream it! #Brand it! #Wear it!


Founders Message

At 16 I was told by a teacher that "due to your vision impairment you should spread your year 12 over 2 years". Well I would have none of that.
Some people may call it stubborn but to me it’s perseverance.
Being born vision impaired has given me a different perspective in life and so my motto is "there is no such thing as I can’t, anything is possible as long as I give it a go"
I now put that same perseverance to work in Myella Believe and Achieve.
I am always striving to bring 100% to the work that I do and my goal is focussed on putting my passions and skills to good use by supporting organisations and projects that I really care about to create and promote cultural and disability awareness. The importance of inclusion, understanding, acceptance that not everyone is the same and that we are all contributing members of society in our varied capacities. I am well versed in negotiating, planning & development, relationship management, operations and logistic coordination and scheduling.
I love meeting new people and learning new things so share a story and if you have a project I can help with, contact me on LinkedIn or drop me an email: myellagroup@gmail.com.