Budgeting 101 - Empowering Children to Become Financially Independent

"This generations children are tomorrow’s leaders what we do now and how we teach them will determine the kind of people they will become. For them to be independent we need to equip them with the knowledge to make hard decisions and the power to make a better world they will have to be leaders, carers and team players at the same time. Wearing multiple hats. Adaptable, versatile, resilient, thinking outside the box as it often coined.

This is what Myella Believe and Achieve is about, empowering them with the knowledge to do better than the last generation."

- SMJ Constantin


Find Sabrina's proven method that she applies daily with her daughters in the book. Provided with easy to understand guides and examples of activities she would do with them for teaching finances.

Available in E-book and printed formats:


              E-book version                                      Printed version

Both E-book and printed versions come with a BONUS DOWNLOADABLE EASY BUDGETING TOOLS for your needs!