Easy & Free Budgeting Tools!

Congratulations on finishing Budgeting 101: Empowering your Children to Become Financially Independent! 

I hope you have gained an insights from the book's contents and find it applicable and useful in  teaching  your children. It has been my goal to raise my daughters to become financially independent adults. The strategies I shared with you in the book are the ones we use and apply daily, and they worked for us. We, as parents, should understand that our children might learn better from games and programs compared to us talking. They LOVE interaction with us, so I focused on the activities we can use to build that financial awareness early in their childhood.

As promised, I will be giving you the free downloadable sheets for the Budgeting Tools. But before that, please feel free to look at my other publications and programs. I aim to empower people like you to achieve confidence and independence in life.

Finally, please find your downloadable budgeting tools here. And what's more important is to always apply what you have learnt daily, because knowledge is just a potential power. It is action which has the real power to change your life.


Best regards,

Sabrina M.J. Constantin