Become a Brand Ambassador!

What is Myella Group?

Myella Group is a community-based organization that is inspiring people to have faith and create a voice that promotes awareness, wellness, inclusion, diversity and disability, while empowering the community with a range of inspirational publications and products.

What is Myella Group Brand Ambassador program?

Anyone can apply to our Brand ambassador program by simply filling out a formal form so we can learn more about the person. We select ambassadors who love our brand and will enter into a formal agreement with us to promote our brand. 

As one of our Brand ambassadors, you can share the personal experiences you have with our brand, and build relationships with our potential customers, both on social media and offline.

What do I get as a Brand Ambassador?

You get:

  • free products when you meet certain goals.
  • entries into ambassador-only giveaways.  

Do Brand Ambassador programs work?

Yes, they do! Having someone who loves our brand actively advocate on our behalf can do wonders. A majority of 92% of customers follow recommendations from family and friends far more than messages from a brand. This is even more effective when the recommendation comes from a brand ambassador, who personally uses and loves our brand. 


Sounds interesting? APPLY NOW!