Myella Program - Financial Literacy Program

With the aim to build knowledge and confidence in handling financial matters for both school aged children and adults, Myella's Financial Literacy Program will give a good understanding of budgeting and saving in building the foundation of financial planning.


Key Outcomes:

1. Boost Confidence and Independence

Learn techniques to have control over your money and how you can budget for any situation to achieve your goals.

2. Financial Empowerment

For at-risk adult groups, a focus on building financial literacy and understanding of the different areas of control and empowerment in ones own budgeting.

3. Social Engagement

By running these sessions within the community it provides an opportunity to foster social confidence with other program attendees, build local networks and find shared goals.

4. Goal Setting and Emergency Funds

Each attendee leaves with practical plans on how they can directly impact their own goals and set up certain funds for future proofing.


Programs run for 1-1.5 hours for 6 weeks and can be held to groups within schools, community groups or independently.


Contact us to enquire how we can support your community group, school or not for profit with your financial literacy.