Myella Program - Step in My Shoes

Step in My Shoes is a school empowerment program towards building cultural and disability awareness to promote diversity, inclusion, compassion and empathy.

Key Outcomes:

1. Social Inclusion

Students learn to articulate what many know already, that we are all different and have strengths and weaknesses which make us unique and increase our value in our communities and as individuals. Each student aims to leave with a greater understanding of themselves and their value as well as that of others.

2. Resilience

Through a series of activities we build children's resilience and acceptance of others. Choice is always up to the individual and we focus on understanding ones own perspective and value in believing in yourself.

3. Acceptance of others

We all come into the world (and school) in many difference shapes, sizes, races and abilities. The program focuses on recognising that we all have value to contribute and to learn to accept each other for our strengths and weaknesses.

Programs run for an hour and is a practical hands on session to provide a full engagement experience. Suitable for both primary and secondary school groups.


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