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Always late for Everything: A Social Story

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"Always late for everything" is about how little Lucy is always late in the mornings to get ready to go to school and how her older sister Annie is always there to help her out. This story tells about the sibling love between two sisters, despite their differences

Social Stories help all children to understand expected behaviours and boundaries. Especially useful during developmental stages and new experiences. Social Stories help children with literacy skills, teach empathy and practise memory skills.
People of all ages can work through interpersonal issues, practise conflict resolution skills and understand new perspectives through Social Stories.

Sabrina M.J. Constantin is a vision-impaired mother of two, writer, entrepreneur, and desktop publisher. Her writings are drawn from personal experiences as she aims to encourage people to have faith and believe in themselves as they journey through life.

You can visit and support us on the website and follow us on the IG @myellagroup and FB Page Myella Believe and Achieve.

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